About Us

  • Digovation Technology Solutions is the answer to all your software development problems and consumer electronics needs. We are determined and dedicated in providing our clients with the best possible services in software development and electronics with the use of digital innovation and out of the box thinking. Our focus is enabling our customers with the best in digital technology. We use cutting-edge tech and cutting-edge thinking to bring brands and businesses to life.

    Our greatest strength is our core team of software engineers and developers. We have great expertise in Web Development, E-Commerce Portal Development, Desktop Applications, and iOS and Android Mobile Applications. Our team can also help you develop a support system for Digital Marketing as well. We know that the best items are not items, they’re experiences. So when we take on a project, we’ll be crafting a genuine experience.

  • We are fast and agile business and we work closely with our clients to ensure all your needs are being met. Business requirements today excel beyond the once conventional strategies of business development. We see are ourselves as a one-stop solution for customers with particular business development and brand management needs. Whether it’s designing a website or meeting your KPI’s, our prime directive and mode of operation revolves around understanding and fulfilling our client’s needs.

  • Our Technologies

    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is the equivalent of magic” – Arthur C. Clarke
    “What new technologies does is create new opportunities” – Tim O’Reilly

    Needless to say, technology has a great and meaningful impact in our daily lives. At Digovation Technology Solutions we employ the latest in cutting-edge technology partnered with cutting-edge thinking to provide the best possible solutions to our customers. Some of the technology we use include Ruby on Rails, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, Node.js, Java, MongoDB, Angular.js, Word Press, Socket.io, and much more.