Software division is known as Digital Hunters. ( We have developed applications to provide solutions to our customers on Web, Desktop and mobile platforms (Android & iOS).

Web Application Development

Web Development – We’re 16 years into the 21st century and the importance of virtual technology and online presence is ever growing. A website is the most vital tool for any business today and will set the standard for their success. When it comes to web development we emphasize upon creativity and uniqueness. It’s not just about creating a page, we want to craft a unique and memorable experience for our clients and our clients’ visitors on their site, eventually turning those visitors into customers.

Mobile Application Development

Whether it’s Android, iOS or Windows, our approach to mobile application development involves meticulous planning, testing and ensuring our clients have an advantage over their competitors in the mobile app presence in the business world.

A few of our applications include:

1. Indian Railway Enquiry: This application helps users get PNR status, Train status, fare inquiry, berth map and locate their train on Google Maps using GPS at the tip of their fingers all over India. (

2. Applock Pro: An application to help android users to Lock any app including Whatsapp, Facebook, Google+, twitter, messages, emails, mms, photos and videos with a pattern or pin lock. Provides offline password recovery in case you forget the pin or pattern with the option to modify the themes or pictures for your lock. (

3. True Call Recorder: With this application you can record any phone call and can save it on you mobile device or memory card. You can even upload the recorded call on Google Drive™. Furthermore you don't have to worry about searching a call according to date as we have provided a calendar view in which you can select the date to get all the calls recorded for a particular day. After every call is recorded you will get a notification on your screen so that you know the call is recorded. (